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Posted on December 20, 2012 in Applications | 24 comments

Fast Youtube DownloaderFast Youtube Downloader is a free app for the Windows 8 platform. This simple but useful tool allows you easily download Youtube videos to your computer. It will get the video title, and download the video to a folder in your videos library.
It’s possible to cancel downloads and it will automaticly resume unfinished downloads when the app is activated.

Please give us suggestions in the comments below.

Status: Released
Platform: Windows 8
Latest version:
Updated: May 31, 2013



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  2. When I download with this app, if I select mp3 quality, the resulting file is an audio file – no video. This has happened with several videos. Is this a common occurrence? Is there a setting somewhere that I’ve accidentally changed?

  3. I know this is silly but I do not know how to download on this app (I have it) I am clicking download but it does not do anything?

    • Administrator


      You have to paste a link in to the text box and then click on the download button. Afterwards, click on one of the video qualities available. It should then download the video.

      Kind regards

      • I did that exactly… still nothing happened

      • I´ve been using this App and it´s great. Right know I cannot download any video, after selecting the video quality, the App do nothing at all.

        Any suggestion?

  4. how do i download it??

  5. gujhi

  6. how to use this?? i’ve download. copy, paste, but nothing happen ~~! please tell me

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  8. good

  9. it was working fine yesterday, however, the progress bar just doesnt move today…

  10. Can’t it be a converter??

  11. ok

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  14. Sorry! No Problems now it’s working absolutely fine, FALSE ALARM!!
    The app is AMAZINGLY Fast!!! 10/10 definitely!!! :) :) :)

  15. Hey I’ve downloaded the app but when I copy and paste nothing seems to happen ??
    Please help

  16. how am I going to use this fast you tube downloader? I tried copy and paste the share link but it didn’t work. Will someone tell how to use this please!

  17. I have tried many youtube downloaders, but fast youtube downloader tops all. It is really fast and the quality of files download is wow. I think it is the best I have so far come across in many years, but, I wish it could work for my Windows 8 predecessors as well, especially my Windows 7. I give thumps up.

  18. You should at least state clearly in the app description the download resolution options. Does HQ mean the maximum resolution available – 720p, 1080i, or above – or what?

    • Administrator


      Thank you for your comment.
      We have been receiving this feedback before, and have therefore updated the app to satisfy our clients.
      Please update the app to the latest version in order to view accurate qualities.

      Thank you

      Best regards

  19. good

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